About Gangnam Korea

We don’t mean to brag, but we are going to anyway.  The best Korean fried chicken, DupBap, Mozza-Dog and Bubble Tea in Muskoka.

A fusion of Korean street food with Canadian soul food and the result is a culinary festival of fresh flavours in your mouth.  That’s Gangnam Korea!

WHO We Are~

Sunju Lee is a long-time resident of Port Sydney.  Originally born in Korea, and then raised in Muskoka, Sunju attended the University of Toronto and then returned to Muskoka.

Growing up as a little girl in Korea, Sunju’s father would sometimes bring home a big bag of boxed Korean fried chicken with pickled radish for dinner.  Sunju’s mother would lay out the whole meal for the family of five around the tatami table where the family would sit cross-legged on the floor.  For little Sunju, there was nothing that tasted better in the entire world than that chicken!

Sunju had always dreamed of opening a Korean restaurant in Huntsville, as she was inspired to introduce Korean food and culture to the residents of Muskoka. When the old Tim Horton’s building on the main strip of Huntsville became vacant, Sunju knew that this would be the perfect home for her dream.  

With the support of her loving family members, and Sunju’s favourite cousin, Chef Yangmo Kim from Toronto, the vision of Gangman Korea was born.

Sunju and Chef Yangmo are dedicated to serving you the best and freshest Korean cuisine.

Why Gangnam?

What does Gangnam mean? 

Gangnam is an area in Korea where All the new trends, fashion, arts, celebrity lifestyles and luxury living happens.  Basically, Korea’s Hollywood.  

The Korean culture really moved to the forefront of the global consciousness  thanks to the international pop hit “Gangnam Style” by Psy.  This brought attention to the wonders of Korean lifestyle and cuisine.

Sunju and Chef Yangmo have decided to aptly name our flagship restaurant in Huntsville “Gangnam Korea”.